Bemvindu mai Timor Leste nia Biblioteka Dijital - Welcome to the Timor Leste Digital Library

Katalogu ne'e kontein kolesaun sira husi biblioteka ruma iha Timor Leste no biblioteka foun sei aumenta kada tinan. Kolesaun biblioteka ne'e inklui livru, livru labarik sira nian, relatoriu, material referensia, DVD, CD, ho filme. Peskiza iha katalogu tuir ita nia biblioteka lokal hodi deskobre rekursu ne'ebe iha ona iha biblioteka ida-idak.

This catalogue contains collections from libraries in Timor Leste and new libraries will be added every year. The collections include books, children's books, reports, reference materials, DVDs, CD's and films. You can search according to your local library to see what each one holds.

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Bemvindu mai Biblioteka Timor Leste nia Katalogu online

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